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Pamana Funeral Benefit Plans

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Get Contracted- For a limited time, we are contracting a select number of reps in your area

2-Get Your Certification Training

Every Broker Must Get Pamana Certification Training (30 Min) - Contracting Required Before Login Access for Training

Once Contracted and Certified We Encourage You to Plug In To Our Marketing Training Systems

  • Learn our Marketing Nuts and Bolts

  • Learn How to Keep Your Calendar Full with Prospective Clients

  • Learn How We Work through Events

  • We'll Show You How We Work to Achieve Volume Sales

  • Understand How We Use Facebook Ads

  • Learn Our Trade Secrets to Help You and Your Family Earn What You Want

  • Learn How We Market Through Web Marketing

  • Understand the In's and Out's of Networking Groups

  • Learn the Difference Between Short and Long Term Marketing

  • Learn How to Create Systems in Your Marketing

  • We'll Show You How We Use Home Events To Maximize Sales

  • Learn How We Work Through Commercial Groups to EXPLODE Growth!

4- Submit Your Enrollments and GET PAID!