Our Primary Mission is to Serve…

We are blessed. It is our honor and privilege to serve our community or anyone in need. Since 1994, we have and continue to be students of all that life is, and can be for everyone. Please contact us if we can serve you.


2 thoughts on “Our Primary Mission is to Serve…”

  1. I am the benefits administrator of a small nonprofit employer in Olympia. Perhaps we have been more fortunate than many other small employers as we have experienced only moderate increases in premiums over the last couple of years, have been able to provide the same level of employer/employee share of the cost, and have maintained almost the same level of coverage (only slight changes in deductible of the high-deductible with H.S.A. plan option). Our benefits are offered under a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan and as I understand the small business tax credit, the premiums paid under this arrangement are not eligible. While we (as an employer) will benefit from this credit, we may be placing new burdens on our employees as they won’t receive the pre-tax arrangement as they have currently had in previous years.

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